Go, Mommy, Go!

In my life as a novice runner, with a full time family and work schedule many days it can be a challenge just to get myself out the door.  There are so many reasons (excuses) not to run:  the heat, it’s too early, it’s too late, the zillion other things I should be doing around the house, I’m too tired, homework, meals to cook, dishes to do — you know what I mean!! Initially the rewards of running seems to pale in comparison.   When I first started to “run” I could hardly go  2 or 3 minutes at a stretch before I had to stop and walk, and the entire time I did run the only thing I could think was “Oh my God, I hate running!”

I was inspired by running accomplishments of my  friends, co-workers and neighbors and motivated by the fact that I had to be naked in the same room as my husband, the ultra-runner, so I stuck with it and kept on working on my running. Slowly (and I do mean SLOWLY) I  began to improve,  finally I was able to go a whole mile without walking, then 2, then I started to think maybe a 5K was within the realm of possibility.

This past January I did my first 5K and the rewards were becoming apparent!  I had lost a bit of weight, was feeling stronger and was even starting to look forward to my time running as a mental break from all my other responsibilities.  The race was more fun than I could have imagined but the biggest reward was my 6 year old daughter at the finish line yelling “GO MOMMY GO!”.

You will still find me out there plugging along 3 or 4 times a week.  I am now trying to increase my distances.  I am still slow with almost unlimited room for improvement.  All of the excuses are still there but most days they are overshadowed by the rewards — none sweeter than the chants of a 6 year old!

Hope to run with you soon,



Hello world!

Hi and welcome to our new blog.  This is our very first post so you will have to bear with us as we get this blogging thing figured out.  I imagine that most of you found your way here from our main website www.finalmileracemanagement.com. If you found us some other way, that is great.  Please let us know how you found us.  We are a race management company that was founded by runners and athletes to put on the highest quality events we can in the Central Florida area.  We are a locally owned company that is focused on our local community and putting on socially conscious events.  Through this blog we hope to share some of our adventures and misadventures with everyone.  We also want to make this a forum to help us stay in touch with all of our racers and give everyone a place to voice their thoughts on our events.  We want you to help make us better and help us put on better events.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our new blog!  Let us know what you think!